Mitigating Noise

Meridian Brick has made plans to ensure that all work at the Aldershot East site complies with Ontario’s tough, stringent limits on how much noise companies can make.

The Ministry of the Environment in Ontario has stiff standards for sound and vibration levels. In fact, Hazem Gidamy of S.S. Wilson Consulting Engineers says they’re virtually the toughest in North America.

When Gidamy first studied the Aldershot Quarry in the late 1990s, he concluded that the proposed neighbourhood could be compatible with the quarry operations over the long term.

Now, Gidamy has been retained by Meridian Brick to study the Aldershot East project, to ensure work there will comply with standards that are even more rigorous today than they were twenty years ago.

“One of the points we were entrusted to undertake was to make sure the development would comply with the new standard,” said Gidamy. He said that would mean new operating changes, recommended to the company as needed.

Even in the “worst case predictable operating scenario,” – which represents “the highest sound level that is likely to be expected” – Meridian Brick’s East extraction project will not exceed Provincial regulations for noise. In fact, wind noise levels in the trees behind area residences – with noise levels around 40 to 50 decibels – will be comparable to the extraction noise.

Modeling at a range of receptors along Westhaven Drive, Gidamy’s study determines that noise levels along the street will be less than 40 decibels. That’s less sound than a quiet office.

Gidamy also found that the existing five-metre noise reduction berm will be adequate for existing and future control of noise from the operation

For Phase 1 tree removal Meridian Brick has received recommendations to avoid removal of trees when residents are outside. This means that trees will be removed only during the colder months, and all vehicles will be fitted with high-quality mufflers. Tree removal will only take place between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays – when most people are at work or school.

As the excavation proceeds, Meridian crews will also be working progressively further below grade, until they are 35 metres below grade. This depth will further stifle the amount of noise coming from the property as time goes on.