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Welcome to the Aldershot Quarry web site. We endeavour to keep visitors up-to-date with the most recent information about the quarry, including plans, reports and notices of community meetings.

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Previous Inspection Reports, Noise Reports and Sound Level Monitoring Reports

2020 SAR Summary Report – Aldershot East Quarry – GEC 2020-12-30


Sound Level Monitoring Report December 9 – 11 2020 pdf

Sound Level Monitoring Report November 18-20 2020 pdf

Sound Level Monitoring Report November 4-6 2020 pdf

Click here to read the Compliance Assessment Report Aldershot Quarry 2019

Click here to read the Inspection Report Aldershot Quarry Nov 2018

Click here for access to the final Air Quality Report 

2019-01-10 East Quarry, Aldershot – Noise Report – Revision 2 – Final

Sound Level Monitoring Report 2019-03-18

Sound Level Monitoring Report 2019-03-25

Sound Level Monitoring Report 2019-03-26

Air Quality Report

120235.002Rev3.0 – FINAL 2017-Short Term AAQ Program Report Aldershot Quarry Sept 16, 2018

Letters from the Ministry regarding recent noise and air quality reports

TSS Comments_Meridian AQA 20180314 Letter to MNRF – Aldershot East Quarry, Burlington East Quarry Noise Review Letter February 21 2018

TSS Comments_Meridian AQA 20180314 (1) East Quarry Noise Review Letter February 21 2018 (1)

Archaelogical Report — click on the link for the report. There are two supplemental documents with the report.

17MT-061 Aldershot Quarry St 3 RE_08JUNE18

31may18 ASI Aldershot Quarry Stage 3 Supplementary – Maps

31may18 ASI Aldershot Quarry Stage 3 Supplementary – Indigenous Engagement

On April 24, 2018 ASI Archaeological & Cultural Heritage Services completed Stage 3 archeology and fieldwork at the Aldershot Quarry East site. Thirteen one-metre square test units recovered 4 flakes of Onondaga or Lockport Formation chert, all in the immediate vicinity of the original finds. These flakes are being processed and analyzed in ASI’s Burlington office. Preliminary results suggest the site would not meet the criteria typically employed to recommend such a site for Stage 4 mitigation.

Representatives of the Six Nations of the Grand River and the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation were present on site. First Nation monitors expressed no concerns or objections to ASI recommendations or findings. Recommendations are subject to review by MTCS.

Previous Reports

Click the link to read the Detailed Environmental Noise Study East Quarry Aldershot Quarries, City of Burlington by SS Wilson Associates. Detailed Environmental Noise Study East Quarry Aldershot Quarries

Click the link to read the Air Quality Assessment Report prepared by Pinchin. 120235.001 – FINAL AQ Report 5155 Dundas Street West, Burlington Forterra Dec. 19, 2017

Click the link for a downloadable copy of the SLHHRA Meridian East Quarry Emission Report: SLHHRA of Meridian East Quarry Emissions – December 18, 2017 FINAL

Click on the link for the archeological assessment report: 16TS-256 Stage 1 Report_May 12

Click on the link for the Final Report for a Short Term Predictive Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program 120235 – FINAL 2017-Short Term AAQ Program Report for Public Nov. 24 2017

Click on the links for updated Salamander and Species at Risk studies: Salamander Study Update  Species at Risk Study update

Click on the link to access the STAGE 2 ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF THE FORTERRA (HANSON) ALDERSHOT EAST QUARRY16TS-309 – Stage 2 Report – Sep 26


Previous newsletters

Meridian – Aldershot Quarry Report 3 – April 2019


Click the link for a site plan of the Quarry: Site Plan Aldershot Quarry

Click below for a copy of the slides presented at the November 29 community meeting: Quarry Community meeting

Being a good neighbour means doing our part to keep you informed about what’s happening with Aldershot East, the third phase of the Aldershot Quarry.

Meridian Brick has launched this website to collect and communicate as much information as possible on the project directly to our neighbours. Here, you’ll find updates on the project, information on a wide range of studies, and facts about both the project and Meridian Brick.

When the Tyandaga West subdivision was first proposed, Meridian Brick agreed to implement various controls to ensure that the subdivision would be compatible with the existing quarry. We’re standing by that commitment to be a good neighbour, and we’re doing our part to ensure the East Quarry project proceeds with a minimum of impact on neighbours, residents and the environment.

As this project moves along, Meridian Brick will continue to engage with residents and share information about the project. We will do our best to listen to residents’ concerns and opinions.