Aldershot Quarry Report

Being a good neighbour means doing our part to keep you informed about what’s happening with Aldershot East, the third phase of the Aldershot Quarry.

Meridian Brick has launched this website to collect and communicate as much information as possible on the project directly to our neighbours. Here, you’ll find updates on the project, information on a wide range of studies, and facts about both the project and Meridian Brick.

When the Tyandaga West subdivision was first proposed, Meridian Brick agreed to implement various controls to ensure that the subdivision would be compatible with the existing quarry. We’re standing by that commitment to be a good neighbour, and we’re doing our part to ensure the East Quarry project proceeds with a minimum of impact on neighbours, residents and the environment.

As this project moves along, Meridian Brick will continue to engage with residents and share information about the project. We will do our best to listen to residents’ concerns and opinions.